TikTok For You Page vs. Following Page

Navigating Tiktok can be a little confusing when you first join the app, but today I want to help you understand the two home pages you are going to see once you log onto the app. Following Page This page is very similar to the Instagram feed. The accounts you have chosen to follow on Tiktok will appear on the following page. For You Page This page is nothing like all other social media platforms. This is the section where Tiktok will begin to push out content to you based upon your behavior on the Tiktok platform. Meaning – when you are on Tiktok if you constantly watch funny cat videos like I do, then you will be pushed out content on the For You Page about funny cats. If you are always looking at videos about food, then your For You Page will be flooded with food videos. So when you log onto the Tiktok platform each day, its important to interact with the type of content you desire to see each day so that it is filled with whats going to be entertaining to you. When you’re ready to learn advanced strategies on navigating on Tiktok, we encourage you to enroll in our Tiktok Mini Course.

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