TikTok Accelerator


Ready to start and build your business on TikTok?

 Need strategic business and TikTok guidance from a proven expert?


Hi, I’m Keenya Kelly – TikTok Marketing Expert.


Prior to TikTok, I built several six figure businesses using video marketing. In 2020 I decided to take a look at TikTok as a tool to reach more of my audience in a cool creative way and in just 12 short months we not only gained an audience of over 450,000 followers, but we generated over $300,000 all from TikTok.

…now I want to help YOU do the same.


The TikTok Accelerator is NOT for those that:

This IS for you if :

Here’s is what you can expect:

Bi-Weekly Live Question and Answer Video Calls (these will be about business, branding, marketing & TikTok)

Special Guest Pop-Ins

Weekly Trends

Supportive Community

New Feature Tutorials Monthly

All for just $47/month