#205 Tips for how to manage your time

 Managing your time can be so challenging when there are so many things that need to be and other things that you just want to do… Like scroll on social media. But we have to develop the discipline of managing our time so that we are not causing issues for people waiting on things from […]

#204 What systems you need today?

If you don’t have systems in your business its going to be really hard to grow. When we launch into entrepreneurship, we want to have time and financial freedom, but you can not get that if you are the only person in your company that understands the ins and outs of things and there are […]

Mistakes to Avoid in Short Form Video Marketing

We have all made mistakes with short form videos. Like if I were to scroll back to my first videos on TikTok back in 2020, I would cringe. I hope nobody sees them. And I already know that you’ve got some videos out there and you’re like, “Oh God, just delete them” But today I […]

Is it ok to use dating apps

Dating apps can be a huge blessing when it comes to meeting people you wouldn’t normally meet on your on. But what does God say about them for you!! I know for me, he has A LOT to say about it, but I am curious what has he said to you. If you felt empowered […]

Is it okay to use Dating Apps?

Dating apps have changed the game for dating. I mean, you’ve got Bumble, Tinder, coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge, Match.com. eharmony.com, plenty of fish. There’s so many dating sites, dating apps out there. But what does God say about dating apps? Now I know, I don’t mean to make this all like deep and spiritual, but […]

Tips for how to manage your time

Have you ever had super good intentions?  You’ve got to work and you are ready for the day, and then you get to TikTok or you get to Facebook, or you get to Instagram and you start scrolling and next thing you know, you have been there for an entire hour.  And you’re like, “where […]

Strategies to become more profitable

One of the things that I used to believe about making more money in my business was that I had to get brand new customers. That I always had to fill my pipeline with new customers in order to make more money. But that’s not actually the case now. It is important to constantly have […]

What To Do With Your Singleness

Being single at times may feel like a death wish, when you want something so bad. The truth is that I am learning how much singleness is a gift in season and the blessing of the free time that I have to myself before meeting my person. Today I want to help you understand the […]

What to do with your singleness

We are in a series where we are talking about what to do with your singleness. Like preparing for marriage and all the things. I know some of you guys are like, “Are you dating somebody?” No. At the time of this recording, I am not dating someone. But it’s just something that has been […]

What systems do you need today?

If you don’t have any systems in your business, “oh my God, what are you doing?” Now, I know I’m saying this now, but years ago, I ain’t had no systems. So who am I to be condemning you about systems? But seriously? If you do not have systems in place in your business, it’s […]