EP: 230 Turning Your Passion Into A Business

 Ever wondered how you can transform your passion into profit? Well, get ready to learn and laugh on today’s episode of the Keenya Kelly podcast. We’re peeling back the curtain on the thrill  of turning what you love into a sustainable business. We’ve got personal anecdotes, insights, and some straight talk to share on the […]

EP: 229 Preparing Your Business For Black Friday

Who says Black Friday has to be a mad scramble for discounts? What if, instead, it’s a well-calculated strategy designed to maximize your business profits while offering your customers amazing deals? Get a head start on your Black Friday strategy as I share my insights on how you can prepare your business for this crucial shopping holiday. I’ve […]

EP: 228 My Top AI Tools That Are Helping Me Grow My Business

Artificial Intelligence is saving my life when it comes to running my business.I have never been able to run it so effectively and efficiently as I am able to today.…and today I want to make sure that you can do exactly what it is that I am doing.Plus, if you are nervous about AI I […]

EP: 227 What to do when everything is changing

What happens when the landscape of your business is turned upside down?As entrepreneurs navigating the tumultuous waters of social media, we found ourselves grappling with that reality when the US government threatened to ban TikTok. We’re not just talking about a hiccup in workflow; we’re talking about a nosedive in revenue and a game of […]

EP: 226 Why Selling On Video Speeds Up The Sales Process

Master the art of redefining your sales strategy with the power of video marketing! This episode promises to revolutionize your approach, as I candidly share my journey of moving from traditional face-to-face sales to the dynamic world of selling on video. Get inspired as I unveil the perks of this medium – reaching a larger audience, increasing […]

EP: 225 Why you need to show your face on video

  Are you allowing self-esteem issues to hold you back from harnessing the power of video marketing? Let’s explore this together, as we debunk the fears that might be stopping you from showcasing your unique qualities on video. This conversation is your doorway to understanding the impact of video marketing, particularly for introverts who struggle with presenting […]

EP: 224 What keeps your customer from buying

 Can’t figure out why your followers aren’t converting to customers on social media? Well, this episode  is guaranteed to shed some light on the matter.  With a focus on ten potential stumbling blocks – from clumsy return policies to restrictive payment options – we dive into the nitty-gritty details that might be holding your social […]

EP: 223 Getting Started Growing An Email List

Ever imagined the power of an email list in your hands? The ability to speak directly to your audience, provide value, and watch your business grow from it? Well, you’re about to unlock that potential.  In our discussion, we break down why having an email list is pivotal for your business, how to choose the right […]

EP: 222 How To Get Started Building An Online Brand

Are you ready to navigate the maze of building an authentic online brand? Brace yourself, as today, we’re peeling back the curtain on the secrets of creating an online persona that is nothing short of your true self. We explore why it’s paramount to avoid crafting a false online version of yourself, a situation that can usher […]

EP: 221 Have You Chosen The Right Niche For your Business

Does the world of entrepreneurship feel overwhelming?  Let’s unravel the complexities of it together, starting with the key decision of identifying the right niche for your business!  This episode promises to equip you with the insights and practical tips that I’ve learned in my journey of discovering my niche. From my personal experience, I tell you, […]