#210 What to do once they subscribe to your email list

It’s not enough to get people to join your email list, but you have to actually start building that relationship with them.  It’s like getting a guys phone number. Nothing happens until you start actually talking to him or go on an actual date.  Today on the podcast we are going to talk about what […]

#209 Best practices for short video creation

There is a right and a wrong way to create short form video content. You have to be very intentional and strategic. Today you are going to learn what is currently working in short form video creation and how to be consistent across platforms. Check out this episode today and start using your best social […]

Spiritual Gifts: Leadership

Serving and Leading at church can be such a gift but it can also feel like a curse, depending on who is leading you at church. Today on the podcast we are talking about the gift of serving and leadership which also sharing about how to give and still have something for yourself. Important Links […]

Spiritual Gifts: Teaching & Prophecy

The gift of teaching and prophecy are two beautiful gifts in the bible that are used to encourage us as people and the entire church. Often time we confuse the office of a Prophet and the gift of prophecy as a way of thinking that we can’t prophecy, which is unfortunately not true. Today we […]

#208 Which Social Media Platform To Use As A New Entrepreneur

It can be extremely overwhelming when you are trying to figure out which social media platform is best for your business as a new business owner. I know I had my fair share of overwhelm.  Today on the podcast, I am going to share my recommendations on the fastest way to build an audience today […]

What Are Spiritual Gifts?

Every person on this planet has been given spiritual gifts. Not just the ability to prophesy, but other gifts that you may not even realize are from God or even how to use them, but you definitely have them. In today’s episode we are going to uncover the spiritual gifts in the bible and how […]

#207 Where to start when you are starting a business

Starting a business from scratch has a lot of different components to it and things you have to consider and do BEFORE you start marketing to your audience. In todays episode, I am going to give you some sisterly advice that I give to my clients but also that I give to my friends. If […]

How To Prepare Your Life For A Partner While Single

The final episode in our series is preparing your life for a partner. In this video you are going to hear me talk about the benefits of adjusting how you are in your current life so that its not as difficult for you once you are in a marriage under one roof. These are not […]

How to prepare your life for a partner while single

Oftentimes we do not prepare for marriage before we get there.  We wait for someone to come along, we fall in love with them, we get engaged, and then we’re like, “okay, let’s start planning this wedding”  And then sometimes we do marriage counseling, but we’re not really thinking about all the things we could […]

Tips for Creating Engaging Short Form Videos

I am just so grateful that you are here reading through this article.  This just makes my heart so full.  So I just wanna say thanks.  And today we’re talking about how to create engaging short form videos for marketing.  As we all know, short form video isn’t going anywhere because short form video is […]