EP: 56 – Forgiving those who hurt you

Forgiving those that hurt you is not for the weak.  Oh my God, I just wanna do the whole Catholic rest in peace thing.  It’s just not for the weak. It is for every single believer.  We have talked about this on You, Me, and Jesus, but I wanna bring it up again because stuff […]

Season 3 EP: 58 – Developing Spiritual Disciplines

Are you feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands and struggling to maintain your spiritual disciplines? You’re not alone. We’ve walked that road of struggling with consistent prayer, Bible reading, and church attendance, often feeling too tired or too busy. But here’s what we’ve discovered – pushing past our feelings opens up an incredible opportunity. It’s not about […]

Season 3 EP: 57 – Overcoming habitual sin

  Have you ever found yourself repeatedly caught in the snare of the same sin? Perhaps, you’ve grappled with societal norms that challenge your Christian values? I’ve been there, tangled in a web of sin, struggling to break free.  But believe me, it’s possible to overcome and I want to share with you how. This episode […]

Season 3 EP: 56 – Forgiving those who hurt you

 Ever wonder how to forgive someone who has caused deep hurt and pain? Brace yourself for an illuminating discussion, where we examine the biblical approach to forgiveness and share our own journey towards forgiving those who have wronged us.  This episode takes you through the complex and challenging process of absolution, particularly when the damage […]

Season 3 EP: 55 – Sharing your faith story

Welcome to a deeply personal and powerful journey that I have the pleasure of sharing with you. This podcast serves as a spiritual roadmap of sorts, tracing the steps that led me from a religious upbringing, through a whirlwind of life experiences, and towards a robust, deeply-rooted faith. Endearing anecdotes and heartfelt confessions await as […]

Season 3 EP: 54 – Using your gifts to serve the church

Have you ever been curious about the spiritual gifts you possess and how you can employ them to enhance your life and the lives of others? Join us as we walk you through a captivating dialogue where we challenge the traditional norms and beliefs about the use of spiritual gifts, primarily in the church. We […]

Season 3 EP: 53 – Developing spiritual discernment

Ever wonder how to navigate the complexities of your spiritual journey? We’re here to guide you through it. Imagine the power of discerning beyond your natural perception- hearing God’s whispers and experiencing divine interventions. In our latest episode, we share personal experiences and real-life scenarios that demonstrate this spiritual discernment. It’s about trusting yourself that’s […]

Season 3 EP: 51 – Growing in your prayer life

Ever felt like your relationship with God is confined to the four walls of the church? Or perhaps you’ve struggled with making prayer a heartfelt dialogue, rather than a one-sided monologue. I’ve been there too. My journey towards a more intimate prayer life and a deeper relationship with God outside of church has been transformative, and […]

Season 3 EP: 50 -Overcoming Spiritual Struggles

Remember those times when you felt engulfed by spiritual struggles? Battles that left you wondering if anyone else in the world could possibly understand what you were going through? You’re not alone. We’ve all been there, wrestling with unseen forces, trying to find our footing and make sense of it all. In this episode, we […]

EP: 230 Turning Your Passion Into A Business

 Ever wondered how you can transform your passion into profit? Well, get ready to learn and laugh on today’s episode of the Keenya Kelly podcast. We’re peeling back the curtain on the thrill  of turning what you love into a sustainable business. We’ve got personal anecdotes, insights, and some straight talk to share on the […]