Season 3 EP: 68 – Can you be friends with Non-Believers?

There’s an online debate about whether or not Christians should hang out with non-Christians. I have seen this conversation happen over and over again and instead of fighting with people online I am choosing to just talk about it here on the show. So today we are going to have a conversation about what I […]

Season 3 EP: 67 – Should you keep going to church

Should you stop going to church? My honest answer is probably…. But it’s not for the reason that you think! So today we are going to talk about should you or should you not continue going to church and how to navigate this road to keep your relationship with God growing and intact. If you […]

Season 3 EP: 66 – Handling guilt and shame

I carried so much shame around being a divorcee, gaining weight and even my family upbringing that impacted me so much in my daily life. Today I want to talk you through my journey with shame, how I have been healing and things that you can do to start healing as well. If you felt […]

Season 3 EP: 65 – Developing healthy habits

It’s not always easy to change your habits! especially when you cannot even see that you have things you even need to change. This could be spiritual things or it could be natural things but either way it’s not always easy. Today we are going to talk about some simple ways to change unhealthy habits […]

Season 3 EP: 64 – Managing conflict well

Have you ever found yourself shying away from the discomfort of conflict, only to realize that avoidance isn’t the solution? That’s a page from my own life story, one that I’m opening up about on our latest You, Me, and Jesus podcast. Transforming from a conflict-avoider to an advocate for healthy, growth-inducing discussions, I dive into the […]

Season 3 EP: 63 – Navigating politics and social issues

Politics in the church are one of the big reasons I think so many people have a weird relationship with going to church. You come to church to connect with Christians and to continuing growing in your relationship with God but you end up being faced with the political agenda of your pastor.  Plus, because […]

Season 3 EP: 62 – Bringing in the new year

2024 is just a few hours away and I feel that it’s really important to set an intention for the new year for yourself, your spiritual life and all things.  In today’s episode I am sharing a tradition I have had for many years, the importance of it and a really big intention that I […]

Season 3 EP: 61 – Celebrating Christmas As a Christian

There is a lot debate about whether or not Christians should celebrate Christmas even though it’s not actually Jesus’ birthday… A lot of controversy unfortunately.  I’ve talked about this before, but today we are going to revisit the conversation about what I think God has to say about this. If you felt empowered by this […]

Season 3 EP: 61 – Celebrating Christmas As a Christian

There is a lot of debate about whether or not Christians should celebrate Christmas because we know that Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th. No one had a Calendar and so there’s been so much debate over whether or not we should celebrate Christmas. And because Christmas is right here, I want to have this […]

Season 3 EP: 60 – Handling Busyness and Stress

It is so hard to focus in life when you are stressed, not to mention it is hard to have faith when things just seem a bit crazy! I know personally, this season of my life is a little wild and the stress has been higher than it has ever been. Today I am sharing […]