Season 3 EP: 47 – Your Pastor Isn’t Perfect

Are your expectations of your pastors and religious leaders realistic? Have you ever stopped to consider their human side or the struggles they may be facing? Join me as we pull back the veil on the often-glossed-over reality of the imperfect nature of our spiritual leaders. Tune in as we debunk the myth of the […]

Season 3 EP: 46 – Do you trust God?

Put yourself in the shoes of a tightrope walker. The rope lies high above the ground, there’s a gulf beneath you, and all you have is trust—trust in your balance, trust in your skill, and ultimately, trust in the rope. Now, replace the rope with God. Are you ready to walk? In this gripping conversation, […]

Season 3 EP: 45 – You don’t need deliverance you need therapy

Have you ever wondered about the profound impact that your childhood experiences have on your adulthood? Have you grappled with the significance of mental health and how it intertwines with faith and deliverance? That’s the heart of our conversation today on the ‘You, Me and Jesus’ podcast. We navigate through the intricate comparison between therapy […]

Season 3 EP: 44 – Politics in church

 Have you ever found yourself in the awkward situation where your pastor starts pushing political agendas instead of focusing on spiritual guidance?  As we venture into this conversation, we’ll be unpacking my experiences and observations about this very situation. We’ll explore how the intermixing of politics within church congregations can sometimes cloud our relationship with God, […]

Season 3 EP: 43 – Should you pay to learn about God

Imagine the shock I experienced when I first met a prophet who charged for her spiritual teachings. It was akin to a spiritual soccer punch. But this encounter led me on a journey of acceptance, reshaping my beliefs about investing in religious education. You see, I’ve always assumed that if God wanted me to learn […]

Season 3 EP: 42 – Intentional Behavior Pt 2

Ever felt that your relationships could use a little intentionality? That’s the question we tackle head-on in this week’s episode of “You, Me and Jesus.” Pulling from personal experiences we deep dive into the transformative power of therapy, following my journey from post-marital breakdown to intentional growth. We promise, this discussion isn’t your regular therapy […]

Season 3 EP: 41 – Intentional Behavior Pt 1

What if you held the secret to transforming your life through intentional behavior? That’s exactly what we’re discussing in today’s episode. My dear friends who has successfully implemented daily reminders for her vitamins and medication, we explore the idea of setting intentional cues to form and stick to new habits. Taking this a step further, we discuss […]

Season 3 EP: 39 – When you’ve been hurt at church

Ever been wounded in a place that’s supposed to be a sanctuary?  Heartache within the pews is real, and it’s something I have grappled with firsthand.  Church hurt is a complex, misunderstood phenomena that I’ll be unpacking across this discussion, touching on its definition, effects, and the different ways it emotionally scars us.  Sharing my […]

Season 3 EP: 40 – Dating a non-believer

What if the person you’re dating doesn’t share your spiritual beliefs? Is it possible to build a harmonious and fulfilling relationship with someone who’s not on the same faith journey as you? Today, we are diving headfirst into a thought-provoking discussion about the complexities of dating someone who doesn’t follow the same religious path as you. Join […]

Season 3 EP: 38 -How to pray

Ever found yourself at a loss for words when it comes to prayer? Ever felt a pang of embarrassment when asked to pray aloud?  Join me  as I share my personal journey of shaping my unique dialogue with God.  From awkward beginnings to comfortable, intimate conversations, I’ll recount how I overcame my fears and insecurities, encouraging […]