#198 The future of video marketing

If you’re running a brand or business then chances are integrating video components into your messaging and marketing that content is crucial to your growth. However, with so many options out there of where to post it can get confusing pretty fast even for those of us who are high achievers. In this episode we […]

3 Things you need to Grow Your Email List

You’re not growing an email list, just a following online?  No, that’s not what you wanna do.  Today, I wanna talk to you about three reasons why you need to grow an email list.  Now listen, I know that you are building a business online.  I know you’ve got this amazing following on Instagram, Facebook, […]

#197 5 Tips to Launch your Brands TikTok Channel

Let’s face it, the TikTok platform has grown in numbers over the last few years and is now an equal player in the world of social media platforms. As a brand or business you’ll surely need to consider adding TikTok to your social media presence and in this episode Keenya will help you do just […]

5 websites feel illegal to know if you want to be a Tiktoker

These five websites feel illegal to know if you want to grow on TikTok! First, ads.tiktok.com/business/creatorcenter Now here on TikTok, they are giving you the goldmine strategy for creating videos on the TikTok platform because a lot of times we feel like we have to be super creative and a genius, but we really don’t […]

EP: 187 Part 7 – Clean up your email list

Welcome back to another topic under our series Top 10 things that every entrepreneur needs to do this year, and we are on episode number seven. If you have made it this far, meaning you have read all articles from episodes one through six.  Kudos to you! And then we’ve got just a couple more […]

#196 5 Branding Strategies For Growth On TikTok

Is your business or brand striving for social media growth this quarter? Are you new to the TikTok platform or finding it difficult to break through a plateau. You’re in luck because our episode this week covers just that and more. In this episode we cover 5 branding strategies to help you grow your audience […]

Make $100,000 on TikTok

Here’s how we made over a hundred thousand dollars on TikTok! So first you wanna get very clear on what it is you want to offer on TikTok.  Now, last year we made over $199,000 from Stripe by selling our products and services, and so here is what we did.  So first I got clear […]

EP: 195 Chipotle & TikTok – The New Menu Item

Chipotle has a brand new menu item that’s coming, and it’s all because of TikTok! I’m really, really excited about it and so on this blog, we’re gonna talk about it. There’s so much happening in the TikTok world, especially for businesses. If you are not creating content on the TikTok platform, what are you […]

#195 Chipotle & TikTok – The New Menu Item

Chipotle has a brand new menu item coming soon and it’s all because of….TikTok?? That’s right, viral content is still very much alive and despite what you might think about the TikTok platform it has an ecosystem that is not only growing in popularity but social power as well. If you weren’t convinced before, I’m […]

Ultimate TikTok Checklist Before You Film

This is the ultimate checklist for TikTok if you want to grow your business. In this blog, I’m gonna give you point by point of all the things you wanna have in place right before you film a video for TikTok. First, you want to check your background for clutter because oftentimes when you film […]