Going on a journey with God can prove to be one of the most amazing experiences of your life, but it can also prove to be a little confusing. 

I want to walk alongside you and help you to not only fall more in love with Jesus than you are today, but truly discover all that lies within you. 

The bible identifies 25 different spiritual gifts that are still in operation today, and it may be surprising to you, but one or some may also lie within YOU!

We have created this simple quiz that is designed to be a guide for you. 

Today your results may say one thing, but in six months as you grow, it may reveal something else. 

Take the quiz and be sure to share it with your friends. 

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

1. I like organizing services and events.
2. I enjoy starting new churches.
3. Working with my hands is fun for me.
4. I can tell when someone is insincere.
5. I pray for the lost daily.
6. Encouraging others is a high priority in my life.
7. Believing God for our daily needs is important to me.
8. Influencing others for the kingdom of God through finances is extremely important to me.
9. I look for opportunities to pray for the sick.
10. I enjoy doing the little things that others do not.
11. Spending hours in prayer for other people is very enjoyable to me.
12. I get insights about others while praying for them even though I don’t know them.
13. I tend to motivate others to get involved.
14. My heart hurts when I see others hurting.
15. I believe God will use me to enact His miracles.
16. Caring for the hurting is paramount in my eyes.
17. The willful sin of others really aggravates me.
18. I enjoy serving behind the scenes.
19. I take pleasure in explaining God’s word to others.
20. God has used me to interpret a heavenly language.
21 I enjoy the book of Proverbs more than any other book in the Bible.
22. I am passionate about managing details.
23. I prefer to pioneer new ministry projects.
24. I consider myself a craftsman or craftswoman.
25. I sense when situations are spiritually unhealthy.
26. I am greatly concerned about seeing the lost saved.
27. I try to come across loving and caring.
28. Asking God for a list of big things is exciting to me.
29. I find ways to give offerings above my tithe.
30. I believe miraculous healing is for this day and age.
31. Helping others is one of my highest achievements.
32. Creating a warm and welcoming home is important to me.
33. I am burdened to pray for situations in the world.
34. I get specific pieces of information that God reveals that could not have been naturally known.
35. I prefer to take the lead whenever necessary.
36. I’m very sensitive to sad stories.
37. Miracles often happen when I’m nearby.
38. I enjoy connecting, caring, and coaching others.
39. Confronting someone with sin in his or her life is not hard.
40. It bothers me when people sit around and do nothing.
41. I share Biblical truth with others in hopes of their personal growth.
42. I pray in tongues daily.
43. When I study scripture God gives me unique insights.
44. Creating a task list is easy and enjoyable for me.
45. Building something with my hands is very rewarding to me.
46. I can pinpoint issues or problems before others.
47. I enjoy sharing the gospel with a total stranger.
48. I look for ways to be an encouragement to other people.
49. I trust that God has my back in every situation.
50. Making more money means that I can give more.
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