Spiritual Gifts: Leadership

Serving and Leading at church can be such a gift but it can also feel like a curse, depending on who is leading you at church. Today on the podcast we are talking about the gift of serving and leadership which also sharing about how to give and still have something for yourself. Important Links […]

Spiritual Gifts: Teaching & Prophecy

The gift of teaching and prophecy are two beautiful gifts in the bible that are used to encourage us as people and the entire church. Often time we confuse the office of a Prophet and the gift of prophecy as a way of thinking that we can’t prophecy, which is unfortunately not true. Today we […]

What Are Spiritual Gifts?

Every person on this planet has been given spiritual gifts. Not just the ability to prophesy, but other gifts that you may not even realize are from God or even how to use them, but you definitely have them. In today’s episode we are going to uncover the spiritual gifts in the bible and how […]

How To Prepare Your Life For A Partner While Single

The final episode in our series is preparing your life for a partner. In this video you are going to hear me talk about the benefits of adjusting how you are in your current life so that its not as difficult for you once you are in a marriage under one roof. These are not […]

Is it ok to use dating apps

Dating apps can be a huge blessing when it comes to meeting people you wouldn’t normally meet on your on. But what does God say about them for you!! I know for me, he has A LOT to say about it, but I am curious what has he said to you. If you felt empowered […]

What To Do With Your Singleness

Being single at times may feel like a death wish, when you want something so bad. The truth is that I am learning how much singleness is a gift in season and the blessing of the free time that I have to myself before meeting my person. Today I want to help you understand the […]

The benefits of waiting until marriage

 We all wanna have sex. I know that, that is a way to start off this article, but it’s true. I don’t care who you are. Maybe God gives some people they don’t wanna have sex, but for most of us, In Jesus’ name, we wanna have sex. I have been married before. That means […]

How to prepare for marriage

 Getting married is such a beautiful experience. It’s such a beautiful thing. I remember when I was preparing for my wedding, I was so excited and the day of the wedding and all the things, it’s such a beautiful thing. But also preparing for marriage is beautiful as well, and it can be beautiful, but […]

Forgiving the Unforgivable

 Forgiveness is so hard.  I don’t care who you are. You could be Mother Teresa. You could be a monk, you can be whomever.  The only person it is not hard for is to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  It is hard especially when someone hasn’t apologized, they will not apologize. Or when they […]

How to Grieve

Dealing with the passing of a loved is one of the hardest things we have to deal with in our lives. Some people may seem to deal with grief more easily, some may have an incredibly difficult time trying to process loss, but the most important thing to know is that everyone deals with grief […]