100+ Viral Videos

It’s hard to even believe this is my life but it is… Since joining Tiktok I at this time have 100+ viral videos and counting. I usually go viral once a week and on good weeks, it happens twice. How? Because I have learned how to create content that causes people to watch over and […]

3 Attention Grabbing Tips For Reels

  In a world of Kardashians and Jenners, making your social media presence known can seem almost impossible. But I’m here to tell you that it is possible. Trust me, I struggled with this challenge too, but I lived to tell the tale! In today’s post, and in my specially-designed course,  Reels For Beginners, I’m […]

You Have To Learn This

So many new entrepreneurs have risen to the surface and  I am super excited about it. Its such a blessing to watch so many people take their financial futures into their own hands. The unfortunate thing is that many of the new entrepreneurs are lacking a few pieces of wisdom that I would like to […]

5 Friends Every Entrepreneur Needs

1. The Turn Up This friend refuses to talk about work and periodically forces you out the house to do karaoke, dance or whatever they know you could do for fun. 2. The Competitor They always help you set goals while they have their own and have healthy competition with you to achieve the goals. […]

My Secret Weapon For Success

As I sit here with a basket full of laundry, kitchen smelling like red velvet cake because for some reason I baked a cake, and my table filled with pain medicine because one of my teeth jumped out of my mouth and kicked me in my face…. I thought about you. LOL Like no – […]

3 Reasons To Brand Before You Launch

Branding before you launch is something many new entrepreneurs are unaware of. When I was a new entrepreneur I thought the most important thing was to make sure I had a product ready, but after launching with minimal success I realized my thought process was incorrect. Here are my Top 3 Reasons to Brand Before […]

Build For Tomorrow, Not Today

If you’re considering starting a business, I want to give you one MAJOR piece of advice that I had to learn through experience: Build A Business For The Life You WANT Not The Life You Have!! Let me break this down…. As of today, I want you to take a life assessment by asking yourself […]

Entrepreneurship Requires Resilience

I Love being an entrepreneur, but I also kinda sorta hate it!! Ya feel me? LOL Entrepreneurship is amazing in a way that I get to fully operate in my artistic expression each day, helping others build the businesses of their dreams. I get to wake up each day and work from the comfort of […]