EP: 201 Lack of planning burned out my team

When you run a business, there are so many things that you have to be aware of. You cannot just be aware of yourself, especially when you have a team of people. I have had my business since 2015 and I was a solopreneur for so long and then eventually I got people to join […]

Why you should never use #FYP on TikTok

Never use the #FYP in your TikTok videos.  NEVER!  I know that people feel that this is an amazing strategy to get your video to have more views, go viral and all that.  But that’s not the case.  And today in this article, I’m gonna talk to you about why you should never use the […]

How to grieve

When you are going through a hard time in life and you need to grieve, a lot of times, we don’t know how.  And then the people around us don’t know how to help us grieve or how to acknowledge or understand that we are grieving.  And so today in this article, we’re gonna talk […]

EP: 200 Can you really “have it all”

Back in the day, somebody told me that you can’t really have it all. They had asked me the question, “Keenya, do you really think that you can have a successful relationship, a successful business, and really be successful in life? Do you really think you can have it all?” And my answer was YES. […]

Why Companies Go Out of Business During a Recession

Going out of business is avoidable during a recession. Sometimes.  A lot of times, what happens with people during a recession is they stop doing certain things that will actually make them money.  And in this article, I’m gonna walk you through what you need to do to make sure that when a recession hits […]

Christians vs The Grammys

 The Grammys happened a couple of weeks ago and everybody is going crazy.  Not as crazy as when Lil Nas X came out with the song Call Me by Your Name and when he had the Satan Shoes from Nike. It wasn’t nowhere near as bad as what happened with Lil Nas X, but the […]

EP: 199 Why you need community to grow your business

 If you’re gonna have success as a business owner, you need to have some type of community.  Now I’m gonna talk about two different types of community in this article.  But you need some type of community because otherwise it can just get really hard and be really lonely. Not to mention if you were […]

5 reasons you are not growing on Social Media

If you’re not growing on social media, there’s a reason why.  And in this article, I wanna talk to you about the five reasons you’re probably not growing on social media, but what you should be doing differently.  One of the things to know about social media is that we all want to be able […]

How to be earthly good

Have you ever met a Christian? And all they talk about is God. All they talk about is heaven. All they talk about is the Bible. And as you’re with them, you’re like, “Am I even saved? Am I doing life wrong if I’m not always talking about God? Always quoting scriptures”  And here’s what […]

EP: 198 The future of video marketing

If you’re gonna count down to eight, that may have felt long, but that’s really short.  And what does that mean?  That means if the data says you only got eight seconds to capture someone’s attention, then that means these 15, 20-minute, 30-minute live streams, we’re gonna have to start cutting those things down. Even […]