Instagram Should Be A Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Building a digital business can feel extremely overwhelming, especially when you think of everything you have to do day to day in your business. Not to mention, engaging with your amazing audience of people on all of the social media platforms where they have connected to you. But if you are not building your business […]

Entrepreneurship is HARD

As I’m packing up my house for the move to California in 90 days I’m remember where I was when I first moved to Texas. I was working FT for Sprint Corporate and successfully navigating life in my Network Marketing business. I was generating over $200,000 a year but I was absolutely┬ámiserable. I worked extremely […]

Entrepreneurship Requires Resilience

I Love being an entrepreneur, but I also kinda sorta hate it!! Ya feel me? LOL Entrepreneurship is amazing in a way that I get to fully operate in my artistic expression each day, helping others build the businesses of their dreams. I get to wake up each day and work from the comfort of […]